The Return to Dreamforce 2022

12 months ago

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​For the first time since 2019, K2 was back at Dreamforce! A group of our global team hosted our usual networking event. Here we not only showcased our world-class services, but we also celebrated our 25th anniversary.

​San Francisco was the place to be as Salesforce’s annual mega-event got underway from the 20th to the 22nd of September. We decided that this year, we would open up the opportunity of a place at Dreamforce to all our US-based recruiters and Outsourced Managed Services (OMS) teams. We asked them to tell us why they wanted to represent K2.

​Attending Dreamforce is a fantastic opportunity for our team members. It allows them to build new skills and expand their networks, giving them access to top talent and leading businesses.

​After entering the contest, three team members were successful and joined us for Dreamforce 2022! Here are the winners, with some words about attending the event:

Michael Balsamo, Technical Delivery Specialist | NORAM

“Dreamforce was such an exciting opportunity! I was able to learn directly from the senior K2 representatives that attended Dreamforce while also bringing my own networking skills to connect with current and potential Salesforce professionals. All these reasons are huge motivating factors for advancing my growth within the company and sharing my experience with others.”

Jessica Jackson, Recruiting Team Lead | NORAM

“I’ve been working in the Salesforce space for over 10 years and have been lucky enough to go to Dreamforce before. I was so excited to go again and grow my network even more, making valuable new relationships with both candidates and clients.”

Maricielo Munoz, Technical Team Leader | Global OMS

“Going to Dreamforce gave me access to all the information to help me think of new, innovative solutions we could implement for both our current and future projects. Going to the event helps us all expand our knowledge and fuels our ambition to improve”

​It’s important at K2 that we give everyone the chance to gain the experiences they need to increase their knowledge and skill sets. Opening up fantastic opportunities to our people, other than management or leaders, helps give them the motivation to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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