The art of SAP recruitment: finding the world's best talent

about 1 month ago

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SAP recruitment is becoming more difficult as demand for skilled SAP professionals has surged but talent supply has failed to keep pace.

More than a third of SAP customers say a lack of in-house skills and staff shortages are what holds organizations back. This is creating challenges for businesses who rely on SAP professionals to streamline their operations and increase productivity.

How can companies get SAP recruitment right? Here’s are some top tips:

How to start your SAP recruitment journey

Define your needs 

Start by clearly defining the SAP roles you need to fill. Consider the specific modules and expertise required, such as SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, or SAP SuccessFactors. Having a detailed job description will attract the right candidates.

Leverage technology

Make use of online recruiting tools and platforms to reach potential candidates. Job boards and industry-specific forums are invaluable tools for SAP recruitment.

Screen for technical and soft skills

SAP experts need a deep understanding of the software. Assess candidates' technical skills through interviews and tests to evaluate their hands-on experience with SAP systems. A key indicator that the candidates you’re speaking to have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills is whether they’re certified or not. SAP evolves fast, which means it’s important that the talent you choose to drive your projects have the latest certifications. 

With the right training, professionals will assure you that they have all the knowledge they need to boost your productivity and ROI. It’s also vital not to overlook the importance of soft skills. SAP professionals often work closely with different teams and stakeholders. Strong communication, problem-solving, and project management skills are crucial for success in these roles.

Interviewing SAP professionals

Once you have a selection of candidates ready to interview, you need to delve into their technical proficiency and problem-solving abilities. You can assess their skill set with:

A technical deep dive

Create scenarios or case studies that test a candidate's ability to solve real-world SAP problems. This can help you gauge their hands-on expertise.

Behavioral questions

During the SAP recruitment process, ask about their experiences with SAP projects, their ability to work in teams, and how they've overcome challenges in previous roles.

Testing knowledge of industry trends

Inquire about the candidate's knowledge of the latest SAP trends, including cloud-based solutions, machine learning, and data analytics.

What's next?

SAP recruitment isn't a one-time event but an ongoing process. To ensure you always have access to the best SAP talent, consider the following tips:


Attend SAP conferences, webinars, and meetups to connect with professionals in the field. Building relationships can lead to future hiring opportunities.

Training and development

Invest in the continuous development of your existing SAP team. This not only improves your internal capabilities but can also serve as a talent pool for future positions. An easy way to make this happen is to enlist the help of a training provider, such as K2 University. As an official SAP Training Partner, this branch of the K2 business is a market leader in helping organizations' teams obtain crucial SAP certifications, as well as valuable practical and soft skills. With our assistance, you’ll ensure that your team has the most current skills to boost your ROI and productivity.

Employee referrals

Encourage your current SAP professionals to refer talented individuals from their network. They’re likely to recommend candidates who are a cultural fit and will contribute to your organization's success.

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