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Nearshore Solutions

What is Nearshoring?

​Nearshoring is the outsourcing of internal services and processes to a nearby country. It offers numerous benefits, such as cost efficiency and improved outcomes because of similar cultures and time zones. This not only improves a business’s productivity but also means they can operate on a 24/7 basis.

K2’s international footprint and unparalleled local market knowledge mean we offer a range of Nearshore delivery solutions that can meet the needs of your business.

​Nearshore Outsourcing Benefits

Similar time zones: Working hours will be similar, which makes it easier to communicate and solve challenges in real-time. This results in higher productivity and better project outcomes compared to offshore solutions.

Local legislation compliance: K2’s global compliance expertise means that we will either already share or have a full understanding of your legal processes.

Cost efficiency: You can benefit from highly-skilled, certified and knowledgeable resources to carry out work at lower costs than in your home country.

Shared cultures: Having similar workplace cultures and ethics results in easier collaboration. There are many benefits, including shared national holidays and reduced risk of misinterpretation because of minimal language gaps.

Access to scarce talent: Nearshoring hotspots are investing a lot in education, resulting in more qualified graduates. You can leverage these highly skilled professionals that may be scarce in your country.

Better control over operations: Proximity gives you more control of operations, which results in consistent delivery and better project outcomes.

Minimized risks: Nearshore partners will prioritize their relationship with you, implementing best practices to minimize risks as they work on your projects.

Access to industry experts: Nearshoring offers you access to professionals who have years of experience within their field. They can help you achieve your goals by providing you with their extensive knowledge and foresight.

K2’s Nearshore Offering

K2 offers a comprehensive range of consultative, end-to-end, Nearshore services.

Technology staffing

We offer both permanent and contract staffing


Our Nearshoring model offers both an on and off-premise service

Business advisory

We can help you set up companies or branches, legal services, payroll, accounting, infrastructure, space and resourcing solutions.

​By choosing K2 as your nearshoring partner you will have access to exemplary talent to deliver your projects.

We offer a combination of a global presence and local expertise. This means that our partners benefit from local experts who can easily harmonize with your team and adapt to the way they work.

We can optimize your business operations relating to:

  • Software development

  • Application integration

  • Migration projects

  • Customization products

Our unique quality management system, R.E.Q. (Relationship, Expertise, and Quality), will also ensure that we find the right experts for your project.

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