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We’re passionate about what we do and recognise the part we play in changing the way the world works, connects, lives and socialises.

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Our innovation builds communities, creates vital business connections and helps people discover amazing jobs with the world’s best companies.

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We’ve been dedicated to our industry from day one. With that dedication comes experience, expertise and focus others can only dream of.

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Looking for tech talent? Look no further.

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Permanent Recruitment

We connect candidates with the world’s best companies.

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Contract Recruitment

Small teams of consultants or scale large enterprise teams.

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Extend your talent acquisition team with our RPO teams.

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Executive Search

Top-tier talent that everyone wants to hire, and nobody wants to lose.

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Knowledge like no other.

  • Driven by technology.

    Technology is at the heart of what we do. Whether it's building platforms to connect talent with companies looking to hire, or creating marketplaces that empower companies and individuals to connect with each other – our aim is to build connections that drive value and create opportunity, all over the world.

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  • Knowledge like no other.

    We’ve been specialists in the tech industry since 1997 – we understand the challenges, the opportunities and the expertise you need to be successful. And as the world moves forwards, so do we. We’re constantly identifying markets where demand and potential is greatest, so that we can create better opportunities for talent and companies alike.

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  • Relationships that last a lifetime.

    Connections are key in recruitment. Our teams focus on discovering, building relationships and creating loyalty with the best talent around the world. So when you’re ready to hire, you can be certain we’re already talking to the best people for the job.

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    Our client relationships are long-lasting. Here’s why:

    “K2 always finds the right people. They have the most relevant SAP expertise to address our talent gaps. They’re the best partner!”

    Andre Wahjudi, Managing IT Consultant - SAP HANA Technical Solutions Architect Europe + Asia

    “We used to really struggle to find functional data analysts until we found K2. They always source impeccable candidates!”

    Dinesh Krishnan, TaO EEMEA Regional Deployment Lead - Data & Testing London

    “K2 offers the best customer service. Their outstanding professionalism, timeliness and quality of work gives me such peace of mind.”​

    Health and Nutrition Retailer, USA

    "The transparency in how everything at K2 is handled and the amazing connection we have throughout the whole company, from my colleagues to the CEO, is amazing." ​

    Administrative Assistant - Singapore

    “The fact that K2 supports the charities our people believe in shows that the business cares. That makes me proud to be a part of K2.” ​

    Zoi Karnoutsou, Compliance HR Manager, London

    “I was told on my first day at K2 that the world is my oyster. Being part of a company that believes I can achieve anything is incredible.”

    Cherie Lanvin, Senior Technical Recruiter, USA

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