Seven essential ServiceNow AI skills your company needs in its workforce

about 2 months ago Simon Mortlock

Service Now

​ ServiceNow has been integrating AI into its platform for more than a year, and its new "Washington DC" update incorporates even more features. The leader in cloud-based platforms says its own use of generative AI has improved its development cycle time by 38%

To leverage ServiceNow effectively, your team needs to cultivate a diverse and AI-driven skill set. Here are the top 7 essential ServiceNow AI skills your team needs:

Generative AI mastery

ServiceNow's Washington DC platform update introduces generative AI features that streamline development cycles and boost productivity. Your team should master generative AI techniques to automate workflows, design conversational interfaces, and create intelligent interactions that enhance user experiences.

Workflow automation expertise

ServiceNow's AI-powered assistant enables seamless workflow automation. Your team should excel in designing and implementing automated workflows using Workflow Studio. Additionally, proficiency in Virtual Agent solutions is crucial for handling employee queries autonomously, freeing up time for strategic tasks.

Natural language understanding (NLU) proficiency

ServiceNow's Virtual Agent relies on NLU to understand and respond to user queries naturally. Your team should be proficient in configuring and fine-tuning NLU models to ensure accurate interpretation of user intent and effective communication with AI-powered assistants.

Data analysis and insights

ServiceNow's AI capabilities facilitate data analysis and generate actionable insights. Your team should possess strong data analysis skills to extract valuable insights from AI-generated reports and recommendations. These insights drive informed decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives.

Security posture management acumen

ServiceNow's Washington DC release includes Security Posture Control tools to detect and address security gaps. Your team should have expertise in cybersecurity and risk management to leverage these tools effectively. Proactively addressing security vulnerabilities strengthens your organization's defences and safeguards sensitive data.

Technical proficiency and adaptability

As ServiceNow continues to evolve its AI capabilities and integrate with third-party providers, your team must stay abreast of technological advancements. Strong technical proficiency and adaptability enable your team to navigate complex AI landscapes, experiment with new tools, and enhance their skill set continuously.

Collaboration and communication skills

Effective collaboration and communication are essential for successful AI implementation. Your team should excel in collaborating across departments, sharing insights, and communicating AI-driven solutions to stakeholders. Clear communication fosters alignment, drives adoption, and ensures the successful integration of AI technologies into your organization.

By cultivating these seven essential ServiceNow AI skills, your team can unlock the full potential of AI-driven automation, drive operational excellence, and propel your organization forward in the digital era. Embracing AI technologies empowers your team to work smarter, innovate faster, and deliver exceptional value to your organization and its stakeholders.

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