K2’s new AI-powered Virtual Assistant helps streamline the recruitment process

about 2 months ago

Ai Cloud Concept With Robot Arm

K2 recently debuted an AI-driven Virtual Assistant seamlessly integrated into Google Chat, enhancing efficiency for our recruitment teams. 

This launch is part of our organization’s ongoing mission to harness the power of AI. Crucially, this innovative tool enhances how well we can carry out our recruitment operations within our Talent Solutions business. It improves the way we communicate with our clients, offers tailored job recommendations, and optimizes job descriptions, which results in much better matches. 

Streamlining pipeline management, it provides real-time insights and integrates audio-voice AI for comprehensive meeting summaries. It also facilitates natural language communication between Google Chat and Salesforce using generative AI. 

Chris Collins, our CTO and AI Consulting Director, is committed to AI-driven productivity. Here's how productivity is boosted thanks to talking to Salesforce in natural language with Google Chat:

With this launch, we hope to provide an even better service for clients in need of top talent. 

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