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Upcoming Salesforce Events in July, August and September 2021

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  • WEDNESDAY, 14 JULY 2021 - 12:00 AM
  • WEDNESDAY, 14 JULY 2021 - 12:00 AM

​​Throughout July, August and September 2021, Salesforce is hosting a series of useful events and webinars.

As the world’s number one CRM company, Salesforce has put together a series of events and webinars. They are a great way to help you gain up-to-date knowledge of the latest Salesforce trends and developments.

Here is a list of forthcoming Salesforce webinars and events in July, August and September:


Automating Feedback and Transforming Customer Experiences, 8th July

How Inspirato is Turning All Their Reps into A-Players with Digital Coaching, 13th July

The Future of Service Automation and Integrations with MuleSoft Composer, 13th July

The Future of Travel Loyalty Programs: Soaring Beyond Status and Miles, 14th July

Plan for Great Service with the Right Agent at the Right Time with Workforce Engagement, 14th July

How Community Banks & Credit Unions Can Accelerate Change, 15th July

How To Put Digital At The Forefront of Every Channel & Customer Interaction, 15th July

5 Ways to Connect a Disconnected Account Team, 15th July

5 B2B Marketing Strategies For The Win, 20th July

How Technology Helps Increase Advisor Productivity: Findings from the T3 Advisor Software Survey, 21 July

How to Drive Customer Engagement with Intelligent Insights, 21 July

How FILA Reduces Holiday Shopping Friction, 21 July

3 Building Blocks to Grow Your Marketing ROI, 21 July

The ROI of Creating Customer Experiences on Salesforce Platform with Heroku, 22 July

How MedTech companies can drive new sources of growth through digital solutions, 22 July

How Sun Communities Builds Upon Marketing’s Impact with Datorama, 27 July

The Future is Now: Learn How and Why Bankers Need to Modernize Their Marketing, 28 July

Measuring Your Supply Chain Emissions with Sustainability Cloud, 28 July

Consumer Goods and the Great B2B Digital Acceleration, 29 July


Marketing Cloud August 2021 New Feature Overview, 19th August

5 Ways to Make Territory Planning Easier this Season, featuring DocuSign, 24 August

These online events are a great way to broaden your professional knowledge. If you are an IT professional looking for a new Salesforce role register with us!