Crushing the most critical challenges in Salesforce hiring

about 1 month ago

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As the adoption of Salesforce continues to surge across various industries, the demand for skilled Salesforce professionals has reached unprecedented heights. However, this growing demand comes with its own set of challenges for companies seeking to hire these experts.

Hiring Salesforce professionals is a nuanced process that requires careful navigation of a highly competitive and dynamic job market. It’s vital that organizations understand these challenges and implement the recommended approaches. They will then position themselves to attract, retain and harness the skills of Salesforce professionals.

So what are the biggest challenges businesses are facing today when hiring top Salesforce professionals, and how can they be overcome?

Not understanding your real Salesforce hiring needs

“When you’re searching for experts, make sure you clearly define what kind of Salesforce assistance your business needs. You’ll then understand who is a good fit for your company, and who isn't. If you aren't sure, talk to a partner like K2 to help you pinpoint the right talent for your unique needs,” says Drew Montano, Recruitment Team Lead for Salesforce at K2 in North America. “

A lot of companies are looking for “one person to do it all” when it comes to Salesforce, says Drew. “Sometimes that’s not a realistic expectation and will set both your business and your resource up for failure,” he adds. “You get what you pay for at the moment. In the current market, it makes sense to invest in higher quality talent. It will benefit your business in the long term in comparison to cost effective options that may ultimately create more challenges.”

High demand for talent

Salesforce professionals are in high demand, meaning they may have multiple job offers from the very best businesses. Competition is fierce, so companies must demonstrate why these experts should choose them as their employer. Top talent is attracted by competitive salaries, flexible work arrangements and promising career progression.

By clearly communicating your range of company benefits and building a strong employer brand, you will demonstrate that your business gives professionals a rewarding and fast-paced career. By maintaining and developing your career advancement opportunities, you’ll keep employees engaged and satisfied. The result will be higher retention levels for your business.

Shortages of Salesforce skills

Finding professionals with current Salesforce certifications can be challenging. The ecosystem is constantly evolving with new features and updates. In addition to technical skills, Salesforce professionals need strong soft skills like communication and problem-solving.  

Companies must support ongoing learning and invest in training to ensure their teams stay up-to-date with the latest Salesforce developments. K2 University, as an official Salesforce Training Provider, is a market leader in helping business teams obtain crucial Salesforce certifications, as well as valuable practical and soft skills. By the end of their training, professionals have all the knowledge they need to boost their employer’s productivity and ROI. 

Lack of recruitment resources 

“It's difficult to screen and source quality talent within the Salesforce ecosystem. If you don't work with a partner like K2 Talent Solutions, with extensive experience and quality resources, you'll end up spending more in the long run,” says Caitlin Gentry, K2’s Vice President of Delivery in North America.

By taking all of these points into consideration and taking action, you will build a strong talent pipeline and foster key relationships within the Salesforce community. 

Getting support from a hiring partner with extensive expertise can help you achieve your Salesforce hiring goals faster and more effectively. K2 Talent Solutions has many years of experience within the Salesforce ecosystem, sourcing the best Salesforce talent for leading organizations all over the world. We’re ideally placed to help businesses find the right experts to find innovative solutions for their particular requirements. 

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